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Our mission and values  

We are a small family business founded in Spring 2017. We offer accommodation and activities to our customers consisting of real encounters with our herd including both human as well as animal members. We pride ourselves on our principles of security and ethical practice

Our methods are founded on theoretical knowledge and professional skills regarding human and animal social behavior. In Kotatuli we believe that welfare is principally born out of feeling secure, having precise boundaries, and taking responsibility for our own wellbeing.



Our frame of reference Easel, Experiential and Social Emotional Learning and therapy is a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to therapy, emotional skills and work guidance that is built on sound theoretical ground and experience. Easel brings social neuroscience and related sciences to everyday life with the practice of therapy and pedagogic methods of which effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Easel® is developed to respond to today’s challenges in social interactions at the work place, in schools and in families. The approach aims to strengthen social and -emotional skills of professionals working in challenging situations requiring advanced communication skills.

More information www.easeltraining.fi



Goal oriented, professional and responsible work with an aim to provide experiential learning, recreation and rehabilitation through nature.

Ecopsychology forms the basis of all Greencare activity. It is a branch that consists of psychological theory and practice where humans are seen as a part of nature. The practice was originally developed in USA.

Humans’ and nature’s wellbeing (or illness) is intimately connected with each other. The aim is to prevent humans from losing touch with nature and to build a lifestyle of sustainable development. (www.gcfinland.fi) Kotatuli is a member of Green Care Finland ry. 

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